David Wightman

software engineer

I am a software engineer from North Carolina currently living in New York City. I enjoy building interactive projects and finding creative solutions to problems. I mainly work with JavaScript, TypeScript, React, Vue, and Node.js. You can contact me here.

AD&D is a quick little project game I built when I was learning the JavaScript framework Vue. Players can choose between a Paladin or Warrior character and battle monsters.

  • Built with Vue and JavaScript

Intervals, named after the musical term for the distance between two notes, is an ear-training program for music students. Students can listen to a musical example and pick from four different solutions to identify what they just heard. The student receives immediate feedback showing if their answer is correct and what the musical example looks like on the treble staff. They’re also given the opportunity to listen to the example again. The program is built so that the questions are never the same so that the student can practice over and over again.

  • Created audio and visual intervals using Ableton Live and Sibelius
  • Built interval quizzes using jQuery and HTML
  • Authenticated users with Sessions and BCRYPT
  • Deployed application on hosting service Heroku
  • Utilized Bootstrap framework with Ruby on Rails


Chugg'd is an online beer tastings tracker for craft beer lovers and enthusiasts.

  • Seeded a PostgreSQL database with beer and brewery data via the BreweryDB API and Ruby on Rails
  • Displayed beer tastings with comprehensive dashboard dynamically with jQuery and HTML
  • Collaborated in an agile group setting with four developers using GitHub for version control and branching
  • Authenticated users with Sessions and BCRYPT
  • Deployed application on hosting service Heroku

Forum App

Forum App is a full-stack application for users to post topics and threads with voting.

  • Wrote back end server using Express.js
  • Created front end using EJS templating and the Skeleton CSS library
  • Seeded SQL database with relevant information
  • Deployed application on hosting service DigitalOcean