David Wightman

Seven Short Pieces by David Wightman for violin, cello, piano
Seven Short Pieces develops unusual relationships between the fragment-like compositions. Some are abrasively different while others are almost identical in construction. Many of these pieces end too soon while others over stay their welcome. The result is a work that creates it's own functioning, if not sometimes beautifully awkward, logic.

My Friend Zone Over You Pop Punk Mix by DJ @George_Costanza
Pop Punk Mix released by Dis Magazine.

Dream Believe Achieve by DJ @George_Costanza

New DJ George_Costanza mix for the summer of 2012 with collaborative visuals by Alison Bedell. In live performance the slide show is projected on an 150 foot screen creating an immersive experience. The listener/dancer is bombarded by our collective pop culture dreams, desires, and nightmares. #dream #believe #achieve.

Ground Bass by David Wightman for double bass quartet

Ground Bass employs a descending ostinato bass line at the core of its compositional construction. This long, repeating figure is distorted by a harmonic realization that modulates at a contrasting, conflicting rate. Each bassist is constantly changing techniques creating a mass texture that while constantly shifting is also unified by this internal "buzzing" activity. The result is a music that reflects common practice techniques and harmonies but realizes them in an excited, ecstatic bundle of sound.

Qusetions of the Ages by Extreme Animals

Extreme Animals is a collaboration between David Wightman and Jacob Ciocci. This piece combines "found" footage from motivational videos, hip hop samples, and composed, original melodies. These three disparate sources recontextualize each other in a manner that is self-critical but overtly positive.

Country Rap Mix by DJ George Costanza

Country Rap Mix premiered by Noisey Music.

Bless This Mess excerpt by David Wightman for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano, percussion

Bless This Mess consists of three different types of limited gestures: directional, static, and idiomatic. While these gestures stubbornly ignore one another on a moment-to-moment basis, their continual overlapping insistence creates an agitated consistency. On a large-scale, all the gestures simultaneously expand, contract, and transform to finally develop a new functionality of buzzing unity. The piece concludes with a departure from the musical logics established by the three gesture types and an introduction of a new contrapuntal dissonance.

Nyan Cat Remix by DJ @George_Costanza

Nyan Cat was an internet meme from 2011. The original video featured a cat with a pop tart body running through space with a rainbow trailing behind it and a annoyingly catchy pop song soundtrack. GENIUS! The George_Costanza remix stays true to the original video but blasts the original track with 808 drums, Lizzy McGuire samples, chanting hip hop samples, and a silly trombone glissando.

Br00tal Moods by DJ @George_Costanza

This DJ George_Costanza "mix tape" combines two EXTREME types of music, brutal (or "BR00TAL") death metal and hardhouse techno. These genres are rarely connected but there are many similarities in values and aesthetics - losing control/leaving the body, ecstasy, transcendence, escape, cultural obscurity, speed, violence as identity, etc..