David Wightman

Extreme Animals - Extreme Animals is the 10 year long collaboration between David Wightman and Jacob Ciocci, founding member of the Paper Rad art collective. Live shows are a multimedia barrage of video, sculpture, and live music. They recently have toured with Anamanaguchi and Yacht and have done remixes for Pictureplane and Ssion. The group has toured all over North America and Europe playing spaces ranging from the Museum of Modern Art and the Hirshhorn Museum to underground warehouses.
"An elixir of beautifully intricate noises filtered through one hell of a mind fuck." - Vice
DJ George_Costanza - My DJ moniker "Available for Weddings, Bat Mitzfahs and DIY stir frys"
Fortress of Amplitude - Fortress of amplitude is the solo project of David Wightman. The project critiques and embraces tropes of heavy metal, fantasy, and guitar technique. Fortress of Amplitude has released music on CD and record, a book, and exhibited costumes in galleries. The project has toured with the Paper Rad, Lucky Dragons, Neros Day at Disneyland, Mincemeat or Tenspeed, and Mudboy.
Eleven Swords - collaboration with Greg Fox.
Powdered Wigs - Powdered Wigs is a solo project that combines baroque opera with harsh noise in an absurd, overly emotional performance. The project has released tapes and CDs on various noise labels. Powdered Wigs has toured with Eats Tapes and Lucky Dragons.

"...a special show of practiced nonchallance, frenzy, pretend pretension, carefulness, and peace...high concept emo noise, with accompanying dance performance. unspeakably beautiful." - glaciersofnice.com
RF-DA - CD-R label and distribution center for merch and artist I like

Fired Down! - A slowed down trance movement I started back in 2000.