David Wightman

Showpaper Presents: David Wightman and Jacob Ciocci (Extreme Animals)

On January 31st Showpaper celebrated our 5-cover curation series with an event of lecture, screening, and performance at Roulette in downtown Brooklyn. Roulette is a venue for contemporary music and intermedia art whose mission is "to provide opportunities for innovative composers, musicians, sound artists, and interdisciplinary collaborators to present their work in accessible, appropriate and professional productions." We showed stills and videos from the artists we choose to feature and talked about the ties to technology and media that unite this group. Much of this can be read in this document here.

Howie Chen, Cory Arcangel, and Alan Licht's group Title TK also performed. The group has been described as "a cross between David Antin and Spinal Tap." Their performance consisted of all in between song banter and no songs(!). Hilarious and genius - the audience was in stitches.

Finally we presented our new piece birthed from our Harvestworks residency. The project uses Youtube clips of amateur drummers to create a virtual "drummer". Employing a MAX/MSP patch developed by Matthew Ostrowski, the duo is now a trio. A scramble of dozens of YouTube drummers follow along to our music, which in this case is an interpretation of Meditation from Thais by Jules Massenet. Our overly dramatic rendition of this romantic-era composition, when combined with the interactive video drummers, deals with the notion of the soloist as separate from the ensemble, and the individual as separate from the collective. The piece also explores the classical music technique of "rubato" (exaggerated, fluid, dynamic tempos) as applied to a MAX/MSP patch.